$200 Discount

Available to 4th year boarders who may not have time to participate in rigorous training,  but would like to continue to enjoy their horse at school.  There are no lessons or show fees included with this board option, but boarders have access to riding facilities.



Shared run-in sheds with 3 or more horses.  Mares and geldings are separated from each other.  Horses are grouped according to personality & feeding needs.  

Horse Boarding



If your riding or show horse is ready for their well-deserved retirement, we have these options available.  Talk to KC about your thoughts on retiring your horse and we will discuss your horse's individual needs to determine price and availability.

​​We treat the horses boarded here as we treat our own whether they are busy show horses, family riding horses, or retired!  KC works with each owner, parents, and trainer at home to further the overall program and goals of the horse and rider.  We encourage horsemanship as well as riding progress, and we work hard to be available for more than just instruction in the arena.  We fit in shows each semester around the Academic Calendar and IHSA Horse Shows.  For riders who wish to continue showing with their trainer at home, we coordinate transport to get you there and follow up with "homework" when you return.  Determining if bringing your horse to school is the right for you is a big decision.  We hope you will reach out with questions and specifics about your horse and riding program so we can help you fill in some blanks to make sure you are headed to success with your horse at school!

Program Board includes:

All Daily care & thoughtful nutrition plan for each horse including quality hay and grain, blanketing, fly spray, regular worming, scheduling for vet & farrier, one weekly scheduled lesson included through most of the semester (Fall Break and the last 2-4 weeks of the semester we replace a lesson with a training ride to allow students to focus on academics), discounted training rides (if on a regular schedule), Coaching at 2 (two) Horse Shows, all IHSA Show Coaching, Rider Recruit School/Orientation.

If prolonged inclement weather, boarders have the option to move with us to a local indoor for a period of time.  Extra fees apply for board at indoor facility.

Our horses are pasture kept with a run-in option 24/7.  For our show horses we take the extra time and effort to dress them for the weather AND the vanity required of show horses;) In the summer this may mean a fly sheet to prevent bleaching, and in the winter a great turnout and neck rug to keep them slick.  Please keep in mind, an individual turnout situation might be necessary for your horse to take good care of his attire!

We would love to talk to you about your goals for bringing your horse to college with you.  We make every effort to help you adjust to school while having the responsibility of your horse/s.  Academic effort is held in high regard and we have many successful Alumni who enjoyed having their horse here through their college career.  



One horse per pasture with Individual run-in shed or stall (horses are able to go in/out as they wish).  If a turnout buddy is needed/desired, and space allows, we can accommodate that option with one of our retired horses.