IEA Interest Meeting - Friday September 8th @ 6:30PM

Winter Hill Farm

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We will be developing a practice team in the Fall of 2017 for all ages and levels of riders.  This team will support riders' regular lesson program with their home instructor and we will gather for Team Practices to work toward IEA competition or develop skills for their home riding program.  If you are in need of a regular instructor please talk to KC to determine best referral suggestions for your area and goals.

Practice Team Prices:

$15 per rider with horse shipped in

$30 per rider with horse use if needed

Practices will last 2-3 hours

If riders pursue an official IEA recognized team there are membership fees, entry fees, and horse show coaching fees to consider.  

An IEA team consists of at least 1 coach and 3 rider members. Depending on member history with the IEA, the team may be required to host or co-host a regular season horse show according to Rule 2301.9.

Riders are organized by their grade level.

Riders in grades 6 - 8 compete on a Middle School team.
Riders in grades 9 -12 compete on an Upper School team.
A minimum of 3 riders are needed to form each type and level of the above teams.

Junior Contributing Members in Grades 4 – 12 are eligible to participate in the IEA's NEW program that emphasizes horsemanship skills and knowledge.

If you are a rider who is not interested in IEA, but you would like to practice with us you are more than welcome to do so.  KC will be helping all riders accomplish US Equestrian Lettering Program if they wish to do so.  

Non rider?  Check out our "Pony Kids Club"!