Program Board includes all daily care and feed, premium hay and feed, feed regimen for each individual horse with the help of expert nutritionists from Purina, Southern States, and Triple Crown, waters disinfected and scrubbed often small paddocks picked or dragged weekly, large fields dragged as practical, scheduling for vet/farrier, weekly scheduled group lesson with KC, coaching at horse shows (if part of Longwood Equestrian), Rider Recruit School (for all first time boarders- required and included in board)
We treat horses as we treat our own wether they are busy show horses or family riding horses.
Lessons end upon completion of IHSA show season, and from there forward your lesson will be replaced with a training ride for your horse by KC.  We will make every effort to continue to help you with your horse during this time, but traditionally students must switch their focus to studying for exams (keep reading!)....
IF YOU ARE STILL ACTIVELY SHOWING YOUR HORSE your lessons will continue throughout your show schedule.  We developed this schedule to accommodate your academic demands at the end of each semester.  It is important to us that you are successful in school and we try hard to provide a reasonable program to coordinate with rigorous academics.  
When lessons switch to training rides we continue to offer group practice days and jump school days so you continue to get help with your horse.  Days/times for these opportunities are posted and boarders sign up for as many as they wish to participate in.  During the semester we offer many extra training opportunities to prepare for shows, offer extra help, jump schools, etc. to offset the business at the end of the semester when riders tend to need some extra time for schoolwork.
If prolonged inclement weather you MAY have the option to move with us to a local indoor for a period of time.  Extra fees apply for board at indoor facility.
We encourage owners to do a lot of their own horse care/training, but we are happy to help them learn how and work through problems.  We are happy to arrange weekly training rides with the goal to wean onto rider/owner programs with trainer help as needed.
BLANKET SUGGESTIONS: a very good turnout sheet, medium, and heavy blanket, and neck rug.  Rambo, Rhino, Shires, and 1200D Amigo are great.  Horsewear products are our favorites!
DUE DATES:  Board is due the day your horse arrives, pro-rated to the 1st of the month.  Board will be do on or before the 1st of each month.
If you would like to visit the barn, PLEASE make an appointment with KC.  The barn is also our family's home and we try to be prepared for your visit around our family's schedule.  It would be helpful to correspond prior to your visit to ensure this is the right program for you to consider.  

Horse Boarding Program


Shared run-in sheds with 3 or more horses.  Mares and geldings are separated from each other.  No stall provided daily aside from run-ins.  Horses are grouped according to feeding needs OR separated to eat.

One horse per pasture with individual run-in shed or stall (whichever available in pasture- horses are not locked in they go in and out 24/7 as they wish).  If a turnout buddy is needed/desired, and space allows in the pasture, we can accommodate that option.
SENIOR Board (no lessons, but access to riding facilities) may be available to 4th year boarders who may not have time to participate in rigorous training program but would like to continue to enjoy their horse at school.  
Exercise or training ride schedule can be discussed and priced based on horse/rider needs.  Please talk to KC about your horse’s program and how we can help support while you are here and working on academics and college life.
Retirement/Layup board available, please email KC: 

​* Supplies list will be provided and riders may purchase these items on their own.

Show Team

(Riders must complete Recruit School).

10 lessons, 10 supervised team practice, 15 free rides

2 away One Day Schooling Shows & All Scheduled IHSA Shows as entries allow.

(These shows are scheduled and, while they are not mandatory, it is up to riders to be available to attend if they wish.  Weather, Regional changes, horse use conflicts, or other reasons, may create additional or alternative showing dates, however plan to make note of the dates included each semester.  Package covers horse shipping, coaching, and horse use. Riders will be responsible for all other out of pocket expenses such as travel, meals, entries, etc.  There is a chance riders may not be ready to enter a show as determined by instructors.  In this case two private lessons will be added to replace the two outside shows.  Due to limited entries and eligibility requirements for IHSA shows, there is no guarantee for entry.   We make every effort to offer riders a spot at the IHSA show and will determine strategy for entry, qualification, and holding or moving up levels as coaching staff sees fit). 

$1275 per semester (Due August 15th and December 1st).​

Practice Team

15 free rides

(Riders must complete Recruit School or a semester of riding in a lesson package)

$600 per semester (Due August 15th and December 1st).

Horse Care Team

Under the supervision of our Horse Care Team Officers, students will get to pick out one of our rescues or retirement horses to groom and spend time with over the course of the semester as their schedule allows in accordance with team schedules.  Many students enjoy the time spent with the animals and love seeing their efforts returned in shiny coats, smooth manes and tails, and nickers of recognition when they see their caretakers!  

$50 per semester (Due August 15th and December 1st)

If riders would like to pay for additional rides (lessons, practices, free rides, additional horse shows, etc) OR if the team or KC has to clean up after any riders, please see bottom of page for a fee schedule.  Additional services will be billed when scheduled, and clean up fees will be billed as incurred by riders who have left the barn, their horse, or equipment in an unsatisfactory condition.

Services & Fees

Please note, many lessons and services are included in your lesson or boarding package.  If you have any questions please ask KC!

Extra Lesson

$30 (+horse use)

Extra Team Practice

$15 (+horse use)

Horse Use

On Farm $15

Extra 'Free' Ride


Shipping to Shows

$100 - up per horse

Horse use at Shows, Clinics, Events away from Farm

$50-$75 per rider

Coaching at Shows

(All IHSA & 2 day shows included in Show and Board Package)

$65 per rider


We HIGHLY recommend helping each other clean up rather than institute this policy.  HOWEVER, it has been made clear to us in the past no amount of reminders, consequences, or instructions can assure people will clean up after themselves!  If you know you’ve forgotten something, text a friend at the barn, turn around and come back, etc.  Make an effort to develop good work habits at the barn!  Help a friend out and let them know you’ve covered for them and hopefully they will do the same for you.  We try hard to cover our expectations in Recruit School and Orientation.  Definitely ask questions if you are unsure, and pay attention to systems for cleaning up you may not be used to.


Fees must be paid in cash to the barn..

This fee will in turn be paid 100% to whomever completes delinquency.

i.e. if a team member cleans up after another rider, the person who cleans up will be paid by the barn to do these chores and the rider who left things unattended will be billed.  Bills may stay open for up to one week before riding privileges will be suspended and not refunded and student will be reported for a violation.


Barn Cleanup, grooming, tack cleaning, saddle pad washing, picking up your manure in a walkway, barnyard, or riding ring, any other clean up, organizing, neatening, horse care, etc. that is rider responsibility.


$5 base fee plus $1/minute of time taken to clean up after you.  

For example: If someone spends 10 minutes cleaning up after you the bill will be $15.  If someone spends 2 minutes the bill will be $7.


**IF you would prefer to trade back the time in work at the barn, or for the person who cleaned up after you, you will have ONE chance to do so.  Work is expected to be fantastic, timely, and with good spirits if this option is to be offered for a second offense.