IHSA Show Coaching: $40 per rider or $250 split, whichever less per rider

(Coaching by Anne Tyler Adams, or KC arranged IHSA Coach or LU staff)

IHSA Entries: approx $40 per class

Travel: Student carpool

Paperwork: Handled by Team Officers (memberships, IHSA required forms, etc)

Additional Practice, Lessons, and Outside Show fees on "Services" page.

Working Students​ Welcome!

Examples of barn shifts:  Feeding, tack cleaning, paddock picking, grooming, course set up/take down, dragging ring/fields, babysitting.  All working students begin at the rate of $10 per hour.

Students can work for any fees paid to the barn (team practice, lessons, coaching fees, horse use for outside shows, etc.) if they have fulfilled their Riding Package purchase or you may work out options with your Instructor for credit toward lesson expenses.

We are very picky about horse care and barn/equipment care at Winter Hill.  Working students must show the same high regard for their jobs and continue to improve in areas they are weak.

At Winter Hill, we focus on all facets of competitive riding beginning with Horsemanship & Hard Work.


We foster natural talent and desire, as well as develop areas that can be improved both in riding and in overall college life! Our riders who do not have their own horse have the opportunity to compete at the Collegiate level in the IHSA regardless of ownership status, or level of riding.  From Walk/Trot, to Open Equitation there is a spot for everyone willing to learn and work hard during their time at the barn.

The Riding Package is $650/semester and includes Individual Rider Registration & Facility Fees +30 rides per semester (about 2 per week). Rides are scheduled in groups around your class schedule and with carpool in mind.

Fall Semester Due August 25th

Spring Semester Due December 1

You will be able to use your ride for scheduled Team Practice ($15 to instructor at time of practice) and Instructional Lessons ($30 to instructor at time of practice).  Practice and Lessons will be required once a week from the beginning of the semester through IHSA Show season, or outside show season if you choose to participate in these.  We do take a break from formal instruction during Fall and Spring Break weeks, Thanksgiving, and the last two weeks of the semester to prepare for finals.  During these times lessons are optional and can be scheduled with instructor.  When practices and lessons are not scheduled you can sign up for free ride times to have some barn/horse time and/or practice what you are working on with your instructor.

For those riders who would like to participate in "outside shows" on one of our school horses, you can review costs on our Services page.  Working student positions may be available to defray lesson and showing expenses.  We work hard to help freshman or students without transportation with carpool to the barn!