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Welcome Rider Recruits!  

All of our team business is conducted via email, text, phone, and on a daily basis in our Facebook Group.  Please send Coach KC Meadows a "Friend Request" as soon as possible, along with an email to introduce yourselves as well as to begin the conversation to set up a meeting and some time at the barn. We would love to get to know you before you begin, if possible, and assure that this is the right program for you!

Parents, I am happy to talk and answer questions with you as well!  Please reach out and encourage your soon-to-be college student to do so also!

We will have official try outs if necessary to accommodate proper student:horse ratios. To prepare for your best possible chance to make the team we highly recommend you schedule time to come out to the barn, and if possible, spend some time with the team or our summer crew and ride, lesson, and get a feel for our program.  There are NO refunds once the semester is committed to and paid for, so we want to make sure you are confident in your choice to join the team.

Our roster varies year to year depending on the number of horses we have available. Waiting list riders may have the opportunity to be invited to our Practice Team.

Our new format for Recruit School will be private "new rider" group sessions at the barn with KC and Team Captains during the first week of classes, or you may schedule a day with KC prior to the semester.  The fee for Recruit School is $100, due by August 1 or upon scheduling.  It is non-refundable.  If you decide this isn't the right program for you, you have had concentrated rider education and plenty of time in the saddle!  If you wish to continue you can choose to purchase a show package or you may be offered a spot in our Practice Team.

Rider Recruit school is only necessary for first time team riders or those invited back to a refresher course prior to team membership.  

Team fundraising!  We try to provide support for as many fundraisers as you would like to do. Fundraising monies are divided among participants equally and returned to you to defray out-of-pocket expenses.  We have a few special fundraisers that you are required to participate in that will go directly to school horse Coggins, shots, and teeth annually.

We invite working students to talk to KC if interested, and we can keep you posted on jobs available.

If you have any questions, please email KC and set up a time to chat!

We look forward to meeting you.  


KC, Winter Hill, and Longwood Equestrian!