Individual Training Ride: $65

Regular Weekly Training Rides: minimum 1xweek each month

1x weekly $45

2x weekly $35

3x weekly $25

Individual lessons/clinic for non-team riders: $50 + horse use

Team/Lease Riders:

Extra Lesson: $30 (+horse use)

Extra Team Practice : $15 (+horse use)

Horse Use: On Farm $15

Extra 'Free' Ride : $15

Shipping to Shows : $100 - up per horse

Horse use at Shows, Clinics, Events away from Farm: $50-$75 per rider

Coaching at Shows
IHSA: $40 per rider or $250 team split (whichever less for rider)
$50-100 per rider​ (depending on how many divisions/horses ridden/etc)

Body Clipping: $75-$150

1/2 Lease: $450-625/mo

Plus 1/2 of horse expenses (shoes, shots, coggins, worming, etc)

Full Lease: $850 - 1250/mo

Plus full horse expenses